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Journal of Systems Chemistry 2020, Volume 8

M. Volkan Kisakürek,
nls - natural & life science publishers, Switzerland

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Piet Herdewijn, Belgium
Günter von Kiedrowski, Germany
Sijbren Otto, Netherlands

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For Americas: David G. Lynn, USA
For Asia: Kenzo Soai, Japan

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Steven A. Benner, USA
Donna Blackmond, USA
Andrew Ellington, USA
Irving Epstein, USA
Ben L. Feringa, Netherlands
Reza Ghadiri, USA
Lyle Isaacs, USA
Rustem Ismagilov, USA
Gerald Joyce, USA
Stuart Kauffman, Canada
Pier Luigi Luisi, Italy
John S. McCaskill, Germany
Bert Meijer, Netherlands
Peter Nielsen, Denmark
Douglas Philp, UK
Peter Stadler, Germany
Eörs Szathmary, Hungary
Jack Szostak, USA
Svetlana Tsogoeva, Germany
George M. Whitesides, USA

Journal of Systems Chemistry 2020, Volume 8

The term "Systems Chemistry" emerged, during the Chembiogenesis 2005 Conference in Venice, within the communities researching the origin and sythesis of life, as this as been the most challenging field in Systems Chemistry. However, Systems Chemistry encompasses much more, it offers a plethora of new opportunities for revealing life-like signatures in all areas of chemistry.

The Journal of Systems Chemistry has been relaunched in print + online (+ open access) in 2018. Its scope will cover the following topics:

- complex molecular networks
- catalytic, autocatalytic, self-replicating and self-reproducing systems
- dynamic combinatorial chemistry
- emergent phenomena in molecular networks
- information processing by chemical reactions
- bifurcation and chiral symmetry breaking
- bottom up approaches to synthetic biology and chemical evlotion
- chemical self-organization inspired by the origin and synthesis of life
- xenobiology
- the conjunction of supramolecular, prebiotic and biomimetic chemistry, theoretical biology, complex systems physics, and earth, planetary and space sciences centered in chemistry.

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Table of contents and abstracts

Why the Origin of Life Is Still a Mystery?
Pier Luigi Luisi
Page: 1

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Experimental Challenges in the Study of the Origin and Post-origin of Life
Yang Xia, Bei-Wen Ying, Martin M. Hanczyc, Tetsuya Yomo*
Page: 9

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Central Role of the Leaving Group in Complex Systems Chemistry
Henri-Philippe Mattelaer and Piet Herdewijn*
Page: 20

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Chemical Frustration in Dynamic Multilevel Systems
Maitena Martinez-Amezaga, A. Gastón Orrillo and Ricardo L. E. Furlan*
Page: 31

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Fond Memories of Günter (von Kiedrowski)
Eörs Szathmáry
Page: 38

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Systems Chemistry in the Chemical Origins of Life: The 18th Camel Paradigm
Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy
Page: 40
Asymmetric Amplification in Peptide-Catalyzed Formation of Tetrose Sugars from Nearly Racemic Amino Acids
Alexander X. Jones, Lingshan Wen, Luca Legnani, Jason Chen, and Donna G. Blackmond*
Page: 63

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Accelerating Hydrazone Exchange by UV Irradiation
Ivica Cvrtila, Hugo Fanlo-Virgós, Guillermo Monreal Santiago and Sijbren Otto*
Page: 73

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Development of Stable Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Dynamic Covalent Surface Functionalization
Xiaoming Miao, Niek N. H. M. Eisink, Piotr Nowak, Meniz Altay, Giulia Leonetti, Ivana Marić, Martin D. Witte, Adriaan J. Minnaard and Sijbren Otto*
Page: 82

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Surfaces, the Missing Link in the Origins of Life
Balázs Könnyű and Ádám Kun*
Page: 95

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Coacervate-Based Protocells: Integration of Life-Like Properties in a Droplet
Merlijn HI van Haren, Karina K Nakashima and Evan Spruijt*
Page: 107

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Defining Autocatalysis in Chemical Reaction Networks
Jakob L. Andersen, Christoph Flamm, Daniel Merkle, Peter F. Stadler*
Page: 121

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